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Why Natrezza?


Natrezza, our Hand Sanitizer, MADE IN THE USA, with high-quality ingredients, made to help reduce bacteria and other harmful germs that can cause illness and infection. Natrezza is FDA compliant as an antimicrobial application. Natrezza also helps moisturize, condition, and heal your skin.

Sixteen years ago, the founder, who was a fire fighter/paramedic at the time, saw the need for a hand sanitizer made with all natural ingredients that was safe and effective because the products on the market caused his and his fellow paramedics hands to become raw and dry, from the repeated use of alcohol based hand sanitizers.  With the help of chemical experts, he formulated, tested and created Natrezza, all natural hand sanitizer!  He later  invented and patented a digital coupon dispensing interactive display system that provides the Natrezza hand sanitizer and hand wipes, complimentary, to shoppers at the entry of grocery stores.  Natrezza was never intended to be sold retail however with this pandemic, we wanted to make our product available to help the citizens of our country!  Due to the alcohol suggestions of the CDC, we created an additional formula that meets the FDA requirements.  Our higher quality ingredients keep your hands moisturized and protected from drying out from repeated use vs. other products of lesser quality ingredients that leave hands dry, raw and damaged.  All ingredients - All bottles Made In The USA!  Feel The Difference!


We are excited to offer our brand of hand sanitizers wholly created in Florida! Proudly Made in the USA!


Natrezza is the exclusive provider of hand sanitizer and hand wipes for Bodiggity!

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